Reading and Writing

reading and writing tutors

Hello everyone!

 This is Kristen, checking in to talk about READING!!! Reading books with our student clients is one of our favorite ways to tutor, and the kids love it too. We aim to pick out fun books for kids that also expand their vocabulary, as well as their imaginations. Not only does reading help us to pinpoint where the gaps are in their vocabulary, it also sparks creativity in them!

 After we finish a book, sometimes we will ask our student clients to use their creative writing skills and write a short story as a sort of sequel. This helps us to gauge their level of reading comprehension, and they are always very fun to
read. It aids students to learn how to take away the overarching themes from a book, and how to create stories of their own. Additionally, it helps them to work on everything: from their penmanship to their spelling and beyond.

 Older students mostly do their reading alone, and then we will ask them questions afterwards to make sure that they have fully grasped and remembered the story. The great thing about writing creative stories is that you’re never too
old to do it! We really take joy from hearing about the books and stories that they enjoy, as well as answering their questions and listening to their thoughts and feedback.
Being a strong reader and writer is one of the most crucial skills that applies to all aspects of life. Being a confident writer is one of the most important skills a
person can have, in school, on applications, and at work. Strong readers and
writers will always stand out!