Writing and Public Speaking

A New Writing Experience For You 

Here at Expert Tutoring Huntington Beach, we are excited to announce a brand new program that focuses solely on communication and expression through writing and public speaking. This program features assistance and coaching in writing stories, essays, any English homework, applications, editing, and work product. Additionally, we offer support for all kinds of public speaking.

 Writing is a practical skill that will help your student to flourish throughout their lives. A good writer will always stand out, whether it is in school, on an application, or at work. Many students struggle to articulate their thoughts onto paper in a clear and effective manner, however, this is fixable! With proofreading, editing, receiving notes and critiques, and knowledge about how to be organized and structured in writing, anyone can be a great writer.

 Public speaking takes form in many ways. It could present as making a speech, performing in a play, speaking confidently during an interview, presenting a project, or leading a meeting. The ability to be poised during any conversation, formal or informal, is invaluable. Not only does it inspire confidence in others about how they view you; it also inspires self-confidence!

  This program guarantees success for every student, no matter what level they are currently at. Knowing how to trust yourself in your ability to effectively communicate what you want to say is priceless.